Headteacher Appointment update from the Chair of Governors

October 8, 2017 3:12 pm

28th September 2017

Dear Parent / Carer

This letter is to update you on the appointment process that followed the announcement of the retirement of Mrs Rosemary Jones, Headteacher, at the end of the Autumn Term 2017. The Governing Body had a task to find a suitable replacement Headteacher to lead and support the strong team of people, continue our journey of excellence and build on the outstanding work that has been completed by Mrs Jones.

Our criteria for selection were extremely stringent and we interviewed a number of candidates who each brought their own experiences and vision for Elfed. As Governors we believe it was vital to make sure everyone at Team Elfed were involved in the appointment of our new Headteacher, which is why key members of the Senior Leadership Team, members of staff and senior were asked for their feedback during the first interview day of tasks, discussions and presentations. This was then followed by a second day of interviews with a very experienced Governing Body Appointments Committee.

Following this very informative interview process, it is the decision of the Governing Body Appointments Committee and the Governing Body not to appoint, but to postpone the appointment of a new Headteacher until later in 2018.

The challenges facing the School, which include a significant increase in pupil numbers in the last two years, a fast-changing Welsh education system and major changes to student assessment are priorities for the new headteacher and we were unable to find the right person to take on the challenge.

In order to maintain the stability of the School and face these challenges, we are very pleased to announce that Mrs Rosemary Jones will continue as Headteacher on a reduced contract until September, supported by two excellent Deputy Headteachers, Mrs A J Preston and Mr A Stubbs.

I wish to express my thanks as the new Chair of Governors, to all the staff and pupils at Elfed for their support in helping us come to this decision. We want to find an inspirational Headteacher to take the school forward to the next level of excellence.

Thank you for your support. We will keep you informed on our progress over the coming months.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Richard Cooper

Chair of Governors