Theatr Clwyd workshop for Year 9 students

February 13, 2018 4:57 pm

Diolch yn Fawr! Thank you to the ‘Cat’s Paw’ Theatre Company for engaging our young learners in both a performance and workshop, based around the topic of consent.

The students in Year 9 watched a play by a team of  professional actors around the subject of consent and keeping themselves safe. The students were asked questions throughout and responded maturely to the actors portraying real-life scenarios.
Throughout the morning they were asked some questions as a group and were encouraged to give an interactive response, with their results being shown on the screen in front of them. They were then able to see their decisions change as a group once more information was presented to them. The students were engaged throughout and learned about UK law surrounding consent and how it affects society today.
Partner organisations, such as North Wales Police, Flintshire Youth Service and Flintshire Sorted, were on hand to answer any questions.
Da iawn! Well done to everyone involved.