Student Voice

Developing Leadership Skills

At Elfed High School we encourage our students to feel valued and respected by the whole school community.  We provide opportunities for them to develop their potential as leaders and representatives of their peer group.

  • Students are invited to be the Leading Learners for a subject or curriculum area.
  • Leading Learners attend School Council and assist in appointment of new staff, feedback on teaching and learning, improvement to the school environment, developing links with the community and organising charity events.
  • The Sports Council representatives play an important role in promoting school sport, encouraging their peers to take part in activities and organising events on their behalf
  • The Library Committee members support their peers by organising a range of literary activities with the support of the Librarian.
  • Teachers and leaders listen to learners, inviting feedback on teaching and learning and other aspects of school life in order to ensure that all students have access to the best opportunities.

Elfed High School