School Leadership

Ensuring the Highest Standards

Working with the Governing Body, the Leadership Team consists of the Headteacher, Mr Alistair Stubbs, with a Deputy Headteacher, three Assistant Headteachers, and a Business Manager.  Together they lead and support staff and students to achieve the highest standards and to enjoy school life.


Mr Alistair Stubbs

Deputy Headteachers:
Mrs L Eyre

Assistant Headteachers:
Mr J Foreman, Mr C Jones and Mrs A Woolgar

Business Manager:
Mrs G Stevenson

Learning Director (Key Stage 3):
Mrs A Rowlinson


Leadership has been judged by Estyn to be ‘excellent’ in the recent inspection.

Together, they provide a highly successful model of leadership and management where everyone is challenged to achieve outcomes that are well above expectations. Senior leaders flourish in their allocated areas of responsibility. They plan very successfully to meet national priorities, including developing high standards of literacy and numeracy and in ensuring that no pupils underachieve due to social disadvantage. These national priorities are prominent in improvement plans, and the school shares its best practice in these priority areas with other schools and individuals across Wales.

Leaders at all levels have high expectations. They influence positively the work of all staff, who are challenged robustly and supported well. All teaching and support staff have well-defined roles and clearly understood responsibilities. Lines of accountability are very clear, in order to ensure that all pupils fulfil their potential and achieve well. This contributes to a high degree of consistency in the quality of learning, teaching and wellbeing across the school.

Leaders analyse performance data thoroughly to inform strategic planning. Systems are clearly focused on improvement. Communication is very effective at all levels. Meetings focus extensively on improving standards, and the quality of teaching and assessment.

The school is an excellent practice case study