More Able and Talented (MAT)

Stimulating Learning Experiences

At Elfed High School we are committed to providing stimulating learning experiences for students with high abilities whilst enabling all students to flourish. Our assessment and tracking systems are focussed on identifying students’ strengths, whether it is in one subject or across several aspects. We develop individual plans to support and develop students to achieve standards of personal excellence.

The curriculum at Elfed High School provides the more able and talented students with many opportunities for enrichment and extension activities. Through differentiation of tasks we challenge students of all abilities and meet the needs of more able and talented learners.

Extra curricular activities also provide opportunities for more able and talented students to excel, for example in sport, music, mathematics, debating and outdoor pursuits. Students look forward to Eisteddfod Elfed, a showcase of excellence, every year.

We work alongside other schools in Flintshire to provide opportunities for our more able and talented students to meet and learn alongside students of similar abilities from other schools.

The achievement of our more able and talented students is outstanding, with outcomes at the highest levels in GCSE.

If you wish discuss your child’s talents and abilities with someone at Elfed High School please contact us by e mailing
or telephoning 01244 550217.


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