School Community Celebrates an Excellent Estyn Inspection Report

April 30, 2015 7:22 am

estyn_logoPupils, staff and governors at Elfed High School, Buckley, are elated after receiving results from the recent school inspection. Estyn Inspectors have published their report and the top two overall judgements, Elfed High School’s current performance and the prospects for improvement, have been confirmed as being ‘excellent.’ The judgements are based on the standards of students’ achievement, the provision and the leadership at the school.

Read the report here.

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In the report, inspectors judged pupils’ performance in qualifications that include English and Mathematics to be ‘outstanding’.  They state that ‘pupils behave exceptionally well and have very positive attitudes to learning’ and conclude that ‘skilful leadership at all levels has resulted in exceptional performance.’

Learning experiences at the school were judged to be ‘excellent’, with outstanding leadership and co-ordination of whole-school literacy and numeracy skills. Inspectors also stated that Leadership is also ‘excellent’, with a ‘very supportive and positive school ethos where everyone is valued and motivated to achieve highly.’

The report follows the recent categorisation of the school by the Welsh Government as being in the green category, with  a Grade 1 for Standards and placed in the  ‘A’ category by the North Wales Consortium. The report echoes the words of Huw Lewis, Minister for Education and Skills, in his recent visit. Following his visit, the Minister said: ‘Elfed High School is a school where everyone, every single pupil, no matter who they are, no matter what their story, is helped and challenged to succeed.’

These judgements confirm that Elfed High School is ‘an Outstanding Learning Community’, providing excellent opportunties for young people in Buckley and beyond.


Rosemary Jones, Headteacher, said: “The staff and governors are very proud of the outstanding achievements of Elfed High School students.The 2015 Estyn Inspection report is full of praise for the school’s many strengths and we are delighted with the excellent judgements that position us among the very best schools in Wales.”


Elfed High School has been selected by Estyn for an excellent practice case study for provision and leadership of literacy and numeracy.The school’s strategic leadership and development of literacy and numeracy is outstanding and has had a positive impact on improving standards in these skills and in supporting excellent outcomes at key stage 4.