Academic Achievements

Estyn Inspectors judged the standards at Elfed High School to be ‘excellent’ in 2015.

‘In both 2013 and 2014, the school’s performance has been well above expectations for the range of qualifications that include English and mathematics. This performance is outstanding. A significant strength of the school is its performance in English and mathematics. Pupils make very good progress from previous key stages in most indicators.’ Estyn 2015

The new Welsh Government ratings confirm that Elfed is a highly effective school.

in 2015, 2016 and 2017 Elfed High School was rated in the GREEN support category on the basis of our standards and capacity for further improvement.

We are described as having a track record in sustaining a high level of learner outcomes and demonstrating resilience at all levels.

Schools in the GREEN category are described as ‘a highly effective schoosl which are well run, have strong leadership and is clear about their priorities for improvement

Elfed High school is in

  • Standards Group 1            ‘Schools in this group have very good overall performance’
  • Improvement Group A      ‘Schools in this group show the most capacity to improve’

This excellent outcome for our school confirms outstanding performance of Elfed High School students over a three year period, supported by staff, governors and families.

Congratulations to all our students, families, staff and governors on this recognition of our Outstanding Learning Community.

Further information is available on the ‘My Local School’ website

The Daily Post’s Real Schools Guide has named Elfed High School as the ‘top school’ for attainment in North Wales in 2014 and 2015.  We gained 5 stars for Teaching and Attendance in 2016.

We wish the students every success as they progress to prestigious universities, training and employment.

“We are very proud of these superb achievements, of the high standard of the year groups, as a whole and also the excellent progress that every individual student has made here at Elfed. Students have worked steadily to prepare for the controlled assessments and examinations and have been very positive about learning and the wider school activities. Thank you to the parents and school staff for their support and encouragement that has helped the students to achieve standards of personal excellence.” Rosemary Jones, Headteacher

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