Progress Reports and Wellbeing Updates

Progress Reports and Wellbeing Updates

Your child’s wellbeing is our priority, so we monitor your child’s attitude to learning, motivation, attendance and punctuality very carefully.  The Wellbeing Updates are sent to you at home regularly and we invite your comments to make this a two way process.

We also assess students’ progress regularly to ensure that everyone is working at a level appropriate to ability.  We collect assessment information and compare current working levels with targets to see whether a student achieving his or her potential.  The attitude grade is also very helpful in telling us whether a student is doing his or her best.

Once a year we provide a Full Progress Report, with information on progress and achievement.  Students’ comments about their strengths and areas for improvement make these reports very useful to all concerned.

  • Interim reports for Year 7 and Year 10 students are progress updates, showing that all is well as they start in a new Key Stage.
  • At the end of Year 9 we provide the teacher assessment of the Key Stage 3 levels.
  • At the end of Years 7, 8 and 9 we provide information from the Welsh Government on Literacy and Numeracy levels.

Dates for issue of Wellbeing Updates and Progress Reports are:

Year 7  Wellbeing Updates                   Friday 17th November 2017,  9th February 2018 and 11th May 2018

Year 7  Full Progress Report                Friday 22nd June 2018

Year 8  Wellbeing Updates                  Friday 17th November 2017,  9th February 2018 and 11th May 2018

Year 8  Full Progress Report               Friday 9th February 2018

Year 9  Wellbeing Updates                  Friday 17th November 2017,  9th February 2018 and 11th May 2018

Year 9  Full Progress Report               Tuesday 27th February 2018

Year 10 Interim Report                        Friday 10th November 2017

Year 10 Full Progress Report              Friday 18th May 2018

Year 11 Full Progress Report               Friday 12th January 2018


There is no need to wait for the next Wellbeing Update or Progress Report.   If you have concerns and/or wish to know more about your child’s progress our staff will be pleased to meet at any time during the school year.   Please telephone 01244 550217 to make an appointment.