Progress Evenings

Progress Evenings

Parents and Carers are invited to the Progress Evening for their child’s year group once a year.  There will be an opportunity to meet with subject teachers, tutor and the Key Stage Learning Director to review progress and plan next steps.  Progress Evenings are from 4.30pm to 7.00pm and the dates are on the school calendar.  We will send out a letter nearer the date with a personal invitation for Parents and Carers to attend.

Year 7       Progress Evening          Thursday 22nd February 2018

Year 8       Progress Evening          Thursday 10th May 2018

Year 9       Progress Evening          Thursday 8th March 2018 (including Key Stage 4 Options)

Year 10     Progress Evening          Thursday 16th November 2017

Year 11      Progress Evening          Thursday 18th January 2018

There is no need to wait for the next Progress Evening.   If Parents and Carers have concerns and/or wish to know more about their child’s progress our staff will be pleased to meet at any time during the school year.   Please telephone 01244 550217 to make an appointment.

The Pastoral Support and Additional Learning Needs teams are available at Progress Evenings to chat with Parents and Carers, along with our School Youth Workers and a representative from Careers Wales.  Everyone is encouraged to take the opportunity to visit the Vivo shop, to check up on progress with our rewards system.