Home Learning and Independent Learning

Developing individual study skills

Subject teachers set students tasks to complete at home to:

  • develop individual study skills
  • encourage self discipline and the motivation to learn
  • consolidate and reinforce class learning.

Students are expected to complete home learning activities to the best of their ability. They have a Student Planner to record details of the tasks. We ask parents and carers to take a regular interest in home learning and sign the planners every week, this will strengthen our partnership between home and school.

Please support your children by ensuring that they have a suitable place to study and encouraging them to take a pride in their work.

Please do not hesitate to contact the School if you have any questions or concerns about homework arrangements.


Study Club is open every morning and every afternoon.  All students are welcome.


Home Learning in Key Stage 3

In Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students should spend up to 30 minutes on each subject each week. Information about home learning is recorded in the student planner.

They should also spend at least 15 minutes reading every day.  The Reading Log helps record what has been read.

170719 Homework Y7

170719 Homework Y8

170719 homework y9
Independent Learning 
Key Stage 4

The school does not have a fixed home learning timetable with time allocated for different subjects on different evenings in Key Stage 4.

Students will need to learn to manage their time so that they do some home learning each evening. Teachers will try not to set homework to be completed for the next day, but will give students at least two days to complete the home learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact the School if you have any questions or concerns about independent learning arrangements in Key Stage 4.

Suggested Independent Learning per week

1 hour – 1 hour 20 minutes

1 hour – 1 hour 20 minutes

1 hour – 1 hour 20 minutes

Options x 4
30 – 40 minutes each subject

30 – 40 minutes
In Key Stage 4 it is suggested that students should spend a minimum of between 5½ and 7 hours on independent study each week.