Attendance and Reporting Absence

At Elfed High School we expect your child to arrive on time and to attend school every day.

Attendance Advice for Parents and Carers

Attendance Policy and Procedures

Attendance letter

It is important that your child attends school every day because students who are often absent or late find it difficult to keep up with their learning. Teachers plan excellent opportunities for learning in every lesson, so being absent means missing out on an important opportunity to learn.

Rewarding Good Attendance
We expect a minimum of 95% attendance and we reward the students whose attendance is good or excellent. Everyone who completes a full week in school receives Vivo points, with further points for being punctual every day.

We will contact you if your child’s attendance and/or punctuality level is unsatisfactory and agree steps for improvement.

Arrive on time
We suggest that your child arrives at school no later than 8.50am to be sure of being ready to start on time. School starts with registration in tutor groups at 8.55am. We monitor punctuality carefully and will let you know if we have any concerns.

Please telephone the School Office on 01244 550217 by 9.00am to let us know if your child will be unavoidably late. Students sign in at Reception as soon as they arrive.

Breakfast Club is open in the Dining Room from 8.15am with a choice of snacks and support with homework. Study Club is also open in the Library from 8.30am. All students are welcome.

Attend every day
We understand that there are times when your child might be ill and unfit to come to school. If your child is ill please let us know on the first day of illness by phoning the School Office (01244 550217) or e mailing ( by 9.00am or as early as possible.

Please contact us again when your child returns to school to confirm the days your child was absent and give the reason for the absence. Choose from e mail, phone or a hand written absence note. Absence notes are handed in to your child’s Tutor or to the School Office.

Authorised absence
We will authorise absence from school if your child

  • has been too ill to attend school;
  • has a medical appointment that could not be organised out of school hours;
  • is absent for religious observances or
  •  has a special circumstance and you have informed the Headteacher.

Other absences will be unauthorised.

Avoid holidays in term time
We advise you not to take your child on holiday during term time because this always disrupts learning.  Only in exceptional circumstances up to ten days of holiday will be authorised. A request holiday leave is made by completing a form (available from the school office) and returning to the Headteacher at least two weeks in advance of the planned holiday.