Elfed Extra

elfed-extra-finalWelcome to Elfed Extra, an outstanding programme of learning activities outside the classroom for students and their families.


‘Elfed Extra activities’, such as the lunchtime and after-school sports and cultural activities, are especially effective in supporting vulnerable pupils and their parents.’ Estyn 2015

 Elfed Extra clubs and activities provide opportunities for students, families and primary school pupils to have fun, learn new skills and make new friends. Everyone is welcome to come along.


Here is the Elfed Extra programme of activities for this term

A list of all of clubs and activities available at the school  is on the right.  Click the club you would like to look at to find out more information about the activities involved and when they take place. More information is available on 01244 550217. 


“There are so many clubs at Elfed, there’s always plenty to do.”  



 Elfed Extra Activities for families programme provides opportunities for the whole family to love learning at Elfed. 


The 2017 – 2018 Transition Activities  programme supports primary school pupils as they prepare to move to High School 


Before School Clubs

ElfedExtra-BreakfastClub ElfedExtra-StudyClub

Lunchtime Clubs

ElfedExtra-ComputerClub ElfedExtra-KaraokeClub ElfedExtra-CreativeWritingElfedExtra-AdlaisElfedEcho ElfedExtra-FilmClub ElfedExtra-LibraryCommittee ElfedExtra-SingingClub ElfedExtra-BandClub ElfedExtra-RockSchool ElfedExtra-SeniorClub ElfedExtra-SportsCouncil ElfedExtra-BeachClub UltimateFrisbee ElfedExtra-CheerleadingClub ElfedExtra-CricketClub ElfedExtra-NetballClub ElfedExtra-DodgeballClub ElfedExtra-FootballClub

After School Clubs

ElfedExtra-ElfedYouthTheatre ElfedExtra-RevisionSessions ElfedExtra-PrimaryGymClub ElfedExtra-FootballClub-Pink ElfedExtra-HockeyClub ElfedExtra-BasketballClub ElfedExtra-HandballClub ElfedExtra-GymClub ElfedExtra-FutsalClub ElfedExtra-BadmintonClub ElfedExtra-TchoukballClubart


elfed-extra-communityCommunity Activities

Students and their families are welcome to join in activities in the evenings, holidays and weekends.

Please  visit the Buckley Leisure Centre website for more details.