Pastoral Care

Understanding, Respect and Cooperation

‘Pupils behave exceptionally well and have very positive attitudes to their learning’  Estyn 2015

“The teachers’ caring attitude outweighed my expectations. They have been outstanding. I cannot praise them enough. They have instilled so much self belief and confidence in my child.” Parent Perception Survey

Elfed High School is a very friendly school with and ethos based on understanding, respect and co-operation. Every student is treated as an individual and our experienced staff are available to offer advice, guidance and personal support. Parents and carers are encouraged to contact the school if their child has any social, emotional or learning difficulties so support can be provided without delay.

Students are in Tutor Groups for registration, morning and afternoon and the tutor is the first point of contact. Every student also has a Learning Mentor who helps to monitor progress, identify personal targets and celebrate achievement. Our Learning Coaches support students as they prepare for their examinations and their next steps.

Learning Directors are responsible for tracking the academic progress and well being of the students in their year group or key stage. They work with the Pastoral Team and the School Youth Worker to make sure that every child is supported and encouraged.

We value our partnership with parents and carers and welcome contact with you so that we can deal with concerns efficiently and quickly. Please telephone 01244 550217 and ask for the staff named below or send us an e mail on

Learning Director

Pastoral Team

Key Stage 3

Years 7, 8 & 9

Mrs A Rowlinson

Mr G Kinnair

Mrs L Payne

Mr L Weatherley

Key Stage 4

Years 10 & 11

Mrs A Woolgar

Mrs A Hughes

Miss K Madigan Johnson

Miss M Woolford

 School Youth Worker

Miss G Smith


“Elfed is a really caring school. If you ever have a problem you have always got someone to talk to.” Year 7 student