Adlais Elfed Echo Summer 2017

July 10, 2017 7:43 am

The Summer 2017 edition of the Adlais Elfed Echo celebrates the achievements of the team of staff and students who have worked together since 2013 to make sure that ‘our voice is heard’.  Read it here.

Special thanks go to Miss A Pennington, who has supported and guided the students every step of the way, since the first idea of producing a newspaper written by the students, for the students.  The project has developed over the years to include articles by other schools in the Buckley Mynydd Isa Consortium of schools, making this a true community publication.

Miss Pennington has written many of the posts on our website and all our press releases.  She has helped us to share the good news about what’s going on at Elfed High School with students, families and the wider community.

Miss Pennington is moving on from her post at Elfed High School to train to teach English.  We wish her every success in her new career as a teacher.


Diolch yn fawr.  Thank you.