Elfed is a ‘Green’ Category school, in ‘Standards Group 1’ and ‘Improvement Group A’

January 31, 2016 3:02 pm

The Welsh Government categorisation of schools (2015) has been published, confirming once again that Elfed is a highly effective school.

Elfed High School is one of only three Flintshire High Schools rated in the GREEN support category on the basis of our standards and capacity for further improvement.

We are described as having a track record in sustaining a high level of learner outcomes and demonstrating resilience at all levels.

Schools in the GREEN category are described as ‘a highly effective schoosl which are well run, have strong leadership and is clear about their priorities for improvement

Elfed High school is in

  • Standards Group 1            ‘Schools in this group have very good overall performance’
  • Improvement Group A      ‘Schools in this group show the most capacity to improve’

This excellent outcome for our school confirms outstanding performance of Elfed High School students over a three year period, supported by staff, governors and families.

Congratulations to all our students, families, staff and governors on this recognition of our Outstanding Learning Community.

‘Understand how your Chid’s School is Performing’ is a useful Welsh Government Parents’ Guide .

You can read all the details on the Daily Post website and the Welsh Government Website.

Full details of our academic achievements are on the  ‘My Local School’ website.